A Gender Monopoly: The CEOs of the Top 12 Market Cap Technological Companies

Statistics. I see statistics everywhere, but I can never visualize them. Infographics are graphical tools to help people visualize trends, data, and patterns; however, I wanted to take this visualization a step further. While exploring the current roles of women in technology, I continue to encounter articles detailing the lack of women in technical spaces. While I read the data on the number of women CEOs, the percentiles of women in computing, and so on, I find myself feeling disconnected with the available information.

Since I am passionate about engaging women in computing, I find my own detachment with these information models particularly concerning. If I feel detached while reading data on this pressing subject matter, how do I expect other people to care?  Thus, through this series of images, I strive to bring my own passion for women in computation to life. In order to do so, I strive to recreate my own experience of being one of the only women in computational classes. 

I apply this idea of singularity to the current Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Top 12 Technological Companies based on their Market Cap (Stock Market Rank). After compiling a list of these companies, I found the name and pictures of each company’s CEO. The visual results are astonishing. Rather than giving more data on the number of women in technology, I would like the series of images to speak for themselves. (However, if you’re interested, feel free to explore more on the statistics. One great available resource: https://www.ncwit.org/

Scroll over each image to learn more about the rank, company, and CEO of each top market company.

After looking at the series, imagine what it would be like to be in a room with the chiefs of these technological giants? What would it be like to be the only woman at the top? Why is it concerning that there is only one women present in this compilation? What types of role models does this give to young girls exploring careers? 

All of these are questions I hope to continue exploring throughout my project. I found this assignment particularly enlightening. When first choosing a Remix topic, we were asked “what do you want to add to the current conversation about your topic?” At first I could not answer this question. This assignment sparked an answer to this question: I want to start exploring ways to better visualize/remix information on the current statics on women in computation (beyond simply infographics). Through my project, I want people to understand why engaging women in technology is important.

Advancing my project…

Last week, I posted an image I came across of the gender bias present in Google translate. For this week, I tried my own hand at Google translate.

I am actually impressed (minus one) at Google’s ability to translate back and forth between two languages. Only one language does not correctly translate the gender. However, it is important to take into consideration cultural differences for some of these translations.



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