A {brief} reflection…

What can I add to the conversation on women in technology?

I keep coming back to this question.

While I received some feedback on my project, I received no specific suggestions about what people wanted to see/get out from my project. I’m not sure how to interpret the lack of feedback. Does this mean people don’t understand my project? They aren’t inspired by the project? Or something else entirely? This leaves me a bit stumped as to how to proceed with my final deliverables.

One sticky note said, “This topic is old news. What more are you going to say about this?” I agree. There is a lot of data on the number of women in technological spaces, but I continue to encounter a disconnect between the quantity of data and its relevance to the average person. Thus, for my final project I want to continue exploring ways to make the current data on women in technology relevant to the average person.

Remix of the week: 

I love this video (an add for GoldieBlox) which rethinks the way to engage young girls in engineering through the playful use of the traditional Rube Goldberg machine.


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