Women in Tech: Remix Audio Narrative

Going into this assignment, I was excited to remix audio content together to tell a cohesive narrative. While gathering content, I came across a variety of Ted talks and presentations on women in technology. Surprisingly, I had a difficult time deciding which parts of the various talks to blend together. Many of the talks were at least ten minutes long, but I only had sixty seconds to tell the story.

I wanted to remix together narratives on the importance of programming and engaging women in the future of technology; however, I was unsure how the full narrative would sound. I started by downloading six YouTube videos, and splicing together different sections. Originally, I had too much content. Eventually, I decided to narrow the scope down to women talking about the importance of programming and the worldwide demand for {diverse} programmers moving forward. In the end, I created a simple narrative with women talking over an audio track. I wanted to focus the attention on what the women had to say about technology. If I were to expand on this assignment, I would want to play around with creating an audio/mix tape on this topic.

Finally, I have already started brainstorming ideas for the next project. I am excited about creating a silent “film” outlining the toys and concepts girls and boys are exposed to growing up. I think there can be as much power in silence as in words.


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