The final countdown…

As we rapidly approach the end of the semester, I find myself loaded with final projects. In order to manage the multitude of projects, I (try) to break down my projects into smaller deliverables. That being said…here’s my countdown to-do list for Remix:

  1. Vidding: I am excited to start this assignment! Since I envision using this assignment as part of my final presentation, I want my video to have a cohesive message. I have yet to explore the impact of stereotypes on young children and its influence on their career choices. My goal is to create a silent film illustrating interests/hobbies/etc. of girls vs. boys through the years. In particular, I want to explore how society influences these interests. Stay tuned for updates…
  2. Final Presentation: The question we have all been asking ourselves: What am I going to present? I envision showcasing a series of my small assignments, further developing my narrative off of each one. For example, I may being with a few of my (stronger) photoshopped images, transition into the redacted text narrative (plus a few others?), and end with the (short) video. In between showing my work, I will talk about how the concepts explored in class influenced my work as well.
  3. Final Essay: My goals for the final essay are more ambiguous. I am excited to read the concepts others explored in their midterm essay. In order to create a cohesive narrative, I plan to read through most (or all…time permitting) of other people’s essays and choose three. In order to obtain a wide variety content to appropriate, I want to choose essays which explore different topics. In order to merge these essays with my own, I want to try to apply the “cut-up” method to writing an essay. This way, I will be able to see the essay as a cohesive piece as it changes.

So, let the final games begin…


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