REMIX: Women in Technology Final Presentation

My final project is a gallery of remixed components looking at the current role of women in technology. In doing so, I purposefully appropriated other content (visual, text, and audio) in order to create a powerful commentary on the lack of women in technology.

My gallery begins with a series of photoshopped images. I start with the image of “The Women in Silicon Valley.” While this image hysterical, I want to open the conversation on why this image is funny. Simply put, the image of women as the faces of Silicon Valley is funny because this image starkly contrasts the current stage of Silicon Valley. From there, the gallery showcases images of WIRED magazine. Through visuals, I continue to emphasize the underrepresentation of women in all areas of technological spaces.  From here, I transition to two images of women in technology. In part, the lack of women in technology is due to the lack of female role models in technology for young girls to look up to.

silicon-valley copy
The Women of Silicon Valley
A Closer Look at Wired Magazine
Karlie Kloss: Supermodel by Day + Coder by Night
Hidden Figures: The Inspiration Behind the Hollywood Film

At this point in the gallery,  I want people to understand the need for women in technology. When talking about this issue, people typically start to bring in statistics. Even though I am passionate about this topic, I have a hard time relating to infographics and graphs displaying the stats of women in technology. Thus, I wanted to personalize the statistics.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 10.21.06 PM
Women In Technological Spaces: By the Numbers

 In order to do so, I strive to recreate my own experience of being one of the only women in computational classes. The visual results are astonishing. Rather than giving more data on the number of women in technology, I would like the series of images to speak for themselves. The below image is of the The CEOs of the Top 12 Market Cap Technological Companies.

Now that we have a taken a brief look at the statistics, I want to take a look at the biases that exist in these spaces. In August 2017, a Google software engineer published a 10-page manifesto titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” The author argues that women are underrepresented in tech not because they face bias and discrimination in the workplace, but because of inherent psychological differences between men and women. This manifesto states that the search giant’s left-leaning biases are shutting down conversations about its flawed diversity agenda.

Therefore, in my short typographical series, titled “Redacted + Remixed: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” I simply redact sections from this manifesto to tell a different version of this story (each six words or less) about diversity in technical spaces. I included the original subtitle for each section to rethink the way these topics were approached in the original manifesto.

Let's Talk-1

A Closer Look-2
A Closer Look
We're Biased-3
We’re Biased

Is it just about the status?-4

Follow the Leader-6
Follow the Leader

I believe...

The gallery ends with a video further explaining the need for women in technology. This is the main idea I want people to take away from my gallery.


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